Joy and Irritance

Joy is when you go around college and find you only need to take one subject to finish the generalized advanced diploma. Not 3 subjects, and not the project.

I feel like an Orang Kaya Baru again. I can almost taste the butterscotch guitar. But first, I have other things to get, like DDR RAM memory sticks and DVD+-R/RW burner drives. Oh, and a UHF antenna.

Irritance is when somebody looks over your shoulder at your computer screen. I don’t mind, since it’s not personal most of the time (well not at the office anyway) but please don’t ask me “What is this about?” I’d be too lazy to, for example, point out the obvious Incubus Discography in big letters.

0 thoughts on “Joy and Irritance

  1. hanna Post author

    i dont like people looking at the screen when i’m online. especially when i’m in online mood. its okay when i just feel like chatting and i’m on msn because i can’t go out instead. 😛

  2. ChibiMelody Post author

    Only thing I didn’t like is when people start messing with the customisation of my fav computer at the YQ office. I am SO going to kill Zeenee when I see her!


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