I Told Her

I told her the truth.

She took it as soberly as I presented it, and she told me to tell him.

I waited a day to tell him, as he was asleep. I woke him from his light sleep and told him. I waited around for an extended lecture.

It’s been a while since my last exam. I actually got the results quite some time back but hesitated telling.

Yessir, I failed my Interactive Multimedia (Director Shockwave) Project again. I passed my Advanced Java though. 🙂

Perhaps Mutlimedia just isn’t my thing. Like I told my parents, it was probably like choosing between Arts and Science streams in secondary school. I told them that I was paying so there goes my Orang Kaya Baru (New Rich Guy) mood. 🙁

I went to see the lecturer to ask if it was worth appealing for it to be remarked. Alas, he wasn’t honest, and so I shall be changing majors to Networking instead. New subjects, fresh faces, no more staring at the computer screen in disgust of Director 8.5’s user-unfriendliness. No more 3-day sleeplessness. Just mugging on 3 textbooks.

So yes! I’ll be bumming out of college until the next semester that would run from May to August.

5 thoughts on “I Told Her

  1. Alex Post author

    Sorry to hear that dude.. Director sucks big time. If you plan to retake that project again, try using Director MX this time. It is much better in a way and offers better integration with Flash MX. I normally cheat by doing most of my objects in Flash then import them to Director. =]

    If you’re sick of director, move on and try networking. I think that would suit you better.

  2. Chibster Post author

    Awww Alby… I didn’t know that! Sorry for seeming insensitive before… maybe you will excel in other subjects!

    You’ll do just fine dear! *hugz*

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