Lopsided Observations

Female colleague, writing testimonial, asks: How come your testimonials all by girls one?
Me: Simple. Don’t approve testimonials by guys!

Of course, it’s not true – guys just don’t write me testimonials for no particular reason.

I wonder, too, if the nosey people walking in my hall (yes, I am related to them and inherit their nosey traits) wonder why whenever I’m on MSN, it’s always in a conversation with somebody with a female MSN display picture.

I calculated the ratio and found that females are more likely to put their real pictures. Yessir, statistical proof on my side that girls are vain! Of course, many things factor in to this, like:

– guys who are anime freaks and put irritating Japanese characters
– guys who are into Korean/Japanese chicks
– guys who put guitars as their pictures
– photography-loving guys

Surprisingly, the factors against girls putting pictures didn’t stop them from winning the vanity contest, like:

– not having the technical knowledge to getting their picture in the computer
– being into anime and putting irritating Japanese characters
– putting cutesy bears, flowers and other horridly adorable imagery
– putting a picture of a handsome footballer

I may not have that many MSN contacts, but let it be assured that I had an almost equal amount of males and females in my contact list when I counted.

Oh yes! Last Saturday I went for Meesh‘s blog meet and hadn’t a clue who was who and what their URLs were. Heck anyway, I still wanted to blog in the category of “teenager” and not “matured adult political musing“. One memorable dude was the owner of not just any major tech enthusiast community. If you’re reading this dude, my dual channel DDR RAM is working after moving the sticks around!

And now for the guitar geek side. I have a cheap Dunlop capo. I cut it using a sharp pair of pliers 25% through, making it a Drop D capo! Since the tubing was now in two parts, the long one could be applied to the 2nd fret (but not covering the low E string). Strumming the 6th, 5th and 4th strings would get a E5 chord. Forming a movable barre G chord on the 6th string would also work!

Okay, that’s not anywhere near layman terms, so I’ll use a diagram.

   X Y Z

The Drop D capo would effectively fret the X form. The regular capo would fret the Y form. Of course, I could remove the tubing and slide the metal rod through the tubing, so the capo could be 3 different combinations. The shorter tube could be used to fret 3 strings, like the Z form. With this, I could be free to chug a G major chord and do something with my left hand! Of course, I could also fret to the left of the capo where the capo did not press the strings.

Credits go to Johann Pachelbel’s Canon In D, that made me learn the X form. Nifty indeed, being able to play regular tuning forms and yet reach down to the low D!

I’m still looking for the tab for the alleged funktified aggro-palm-muted Michael Hedges version of that song.

Oh yes, what better way to end a blog entry by updating the links in my About Me! page.

6 thoughts on “Lopsided Observations

  1. dJcarmen Post author

    albert is freaking cute…umm..maybe take all my pics in friendster out..and put his pic in instead :P!!

  2. chingy Post author

    he’s more popular with the girls cos the girls aren’t threatened by him. he’s not going to go after them. afterall, we don’t exactly know if he’s… you know… er…. i think you get it.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Yes, I’m not a blood-sucking dracula. I don’t go after them. They come after me. And yes, Canon In D Major was MADE for guitar; the arpeggios are guitar chord shapes.

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