Scary Toilet Man and some updates

Today, I shall write about the scary toilet man, or scary janitor for you American-educated people.

He is the man who hovers about, standing in a corner of the ASTRO toilet, waiting for you to be done before he swarms in and sprays your cubicle with disinfectant. He stares at you, waiting for you to vacate the urinal.

I met one such Scary Toilet Man at Hard Rock Cafe. He was standing there, playing with the powder and the perfume. When I was done, he handed me two pieces of hand wipes. I thanked him.

As I came out, it was obvious that the birthday boy made full use of the free hair gel. I too, went. I fumbled with the perfume since I was not used to artificial smell application. I couldn’t stop laughing to myself as he stood behind!

Back to the daily commentary.

Good Friday – Why did everybody make a fuss about it like it was a Day Of Obligation? Being a born Catholic I knew and wondered why people were leaving the office early. Heck, I went early too. 😛 I met up with a distraught Nabila who had been bumming around KLCC because the Australian Embassy was closed for Good Friday. Gee mate, they got our Malaysia-should-take-holiday-whenever-possible disease!

And so we dined at California Pizza Kitchen, overhearing these Singaporeans who said they wanted to party. Preferably chemically-induced. LOL. So we said to them, warp speed to Warp mate!

Saturday – The whole day was spent with colleagues going fragging in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and then Battlefield 1942’s various mods. We ate at Burger King for dinner and bumped into Dragon Red (minus Landslyde) who were there for a audition or something.

Sunday – I arrived at my driving school at 9 and waited for an hour, sleeping with the class. The lecturer was sick. A replacement arrived at 10, giving a half-hour lecture and then taking a half-hour break before finishing at noon. Yep, if you did the math right, it would have been one and a half hours. The other 3 hours, or the fun-in-the-sun maintenance class, would be only for students not from this school. Happy I was for the discount! To add to that, I skipped the obligatory Easter church-going day!

I got home to a combined multitude of technical support. Joanne wanted to know if she should get the same hard disk I got (the Western Digital 80GB JB model, that I would not recommend because of instability…) Allison had trouble with her second-hand ADSL modem. uneeq‘s friend had trouble with her laptop. I can’t remember who else. Add sound editing for my sister to the list.

For once I have to run for the bus and really end the blog post like this so taaa!

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  1. *^��tyh@wk^* Post author

    hell it was a nightmare getting into church for service.. and way of the cross. Not to mention SFX in pj was jammed packed. Ahh thank god i attended sunday morning easter mass…. ^_^

  2. Chibster Post author

    ALBERT…. You still haven’t added me to your links you silly kaki tido YOU~~!!!

    And yes, I have a recording of you snoring. Thank you.


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