Roll Call

Alrightey mates, I’ve had some updating to do in my links in my About Me! page. Yes, this is the only time you barnacles shall get front page grande. Here, in no particular order, are updated or added links: Chibimelody, Redphayze, Joeybear, Hyrza, Leech, EC, and LIONEL.blogs.

I went for the Tempered Mental single launch (yes a single with um, 7 tracks). It was at The Jazz Bar, notably so as Syefri pointed out a bass amp bigger than the guitar amps. Flatline was one of the opening bands, and even with their 3 guitars, the bassist still overpowered them, leaving only a little wah through.

Their show rocked, with new stuff we had yet to hear. I shall spare you here and squeeze creative juices on the article.

Anyhoo, the taxi driver I hailed had the windows partly down. Halfway on the journey some conversation like this happened (in Malay though):

He: Do you want to smoke?
Me: No thanks.
He: Why? Quitted or you just never smoked before?
Me: Never smoked before (hesitating to translate…) I’m allergic to the smoke. My uncle used to fog the hall even though his room door was closed. I got this weird coating in my tongue.
He: Ah okay.

That would’ve been a blatant lie of course, since I did just step out of The Jazz Bar in O*range. 😛 Even after a bath and change of clothes the smell still lingered!

I could see the cabbie flinching as a cigarette-deprived addict. Nyahaha. He was easing his throat, with symptoms of a cold. He was rubbing his nose and reaching into his pocket.

I could’ve just told him it was fine with me, but I wanted to see how bad it could get. 🙂

My personal take on smokers? People who smoke are really one of us, but I don’t equate smoking with coolness. They’re not any evil-er than us. Well you can stand in one corner puffing away, but flinching from cigarette withdrawal is not cool. Haha.

Then there’s that thing about it relieving stress. Sure it works, but there are other stress-relievers that don’t give you bloody coughing in the morning. Computer games. Onanism. Making noise on a guitar/drumset/wall/table. Sure, these activities merely distract you from the worries, and you’d still go, “how now?” afterwards, but it’s not like cigarettes help you totally forget either. That, my friends, requires more potent mind-state-inducting chemicals. 😉

Oh, and I finally fixed the filler comments!

0 thoughts on “Roll Call

  1. hyrza Post author

    Ah. I use to hate smoke. I can’t stand with the smell. Glad my dad had stopped smoking some time this year. I’ll get headache if I ever smell it. Maybe cause I have a sensitive nose. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate smokers. I just hate the cigarette.

  2. lionel Post author

    um… my blog’s still sorta under wraps and not yet ready for a “coming out” but what the heck.

    throughout my history of sharing rooms/dorms, i’ve *never* had a roommate that didn’t smoke. there was this kadazan guy, then this indian dude last year, and currently a sarawakian pansy (who thinks smoking is “vogue”). i can endure smoke real fine, but i’ve always enforced a no-smoking-inside rule at my pad.

  3. Jha Post author

    I’ve always thought the lung cancer gained from smoking habits rather deliciously ironic.

    And then there’s lung cancer from second-hand smoke, which is just atrocious.


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