Hang No More

I finally figured out what was wrong with my computer that caused it many rude restarts (to be noticed by those who see me online). One wonky stick of 512 Megabyte 400 Megahertz Kingston Value DDR RAM. So much for dual-channel 1 Gigabyte dreams, then! The computer no longer crashed at certain Macromedia Flash 7 objects, accessing random folders on the hard disk, or any 3D game at random intervals.

Let’s see what else. Yes, I got in a Kancil for the first time, and got acquainted with the intricacies of the clutch pedal. I wonder how my dad drove around in his old rustmobile with a clutch that apparently didn’t work. I then headed over to KLCC for a free posture analysis thingy. Aye, it is true; I have a shoulder level alignment problem. I then walked to Bintang Walk, clocking under 15 minutes, to see the drool-worthy missing-pickup Line 6 Variax 500. (Of course, the 700 model was also there, but it wasn’t close enough in price to an American Fender Stratocaster.) Oh, and I’m also broke and waiting for the money to come out of the wall to be passed into the coffers of my college.

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