Sharing Genes And Jeans

Muchly delayed this be, I post this anyway.

Ages ago, my mom brought my sister and I to Amcorp Mall, where we (my sister and I) both got our first pair of jeans. She picked the more faded of the two. At home, she changed her mind, and took the dark pair instead. Ah well, I wasn’t picky.

Many moons later, I came home, and my mom declared such:

Your sister is taking your jeans to cut at the knees.

It wasn’t about her asking permission. It was a matter-of-fact statement.

I got such a scare recently, after buying two pairs of jeans! They were missing from the place where I’d expect clothes to be. Now this was scary, since I actually paid for these rather handsomely. (In contrast to my wardrobe of exclusively free T-shirts, caps and shoes all legally procured.)

Dammit sis, just because we share genes it doesn’t mean we have to share jeans. (I don’t refer to her as sis, but hey let’s all play the anonymizing game.)

Nope, she did not kidnap them. They had been misplaced in a blue bag, used for ferrying clothes from the two houses that we lived in. It was in a (laundry) limbo all this while!

Yes this post is hanging.

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