You’re Not So Boring

The Internet is evolving to help the average user not seem like a boring person. What do I mean?

Remember how you’d chat on instant messengers, say MSN Messenger, until you’d have run out of things to say other than Hi or Bye? Say bye to those moments for good with online games! No, not evil Ragnarok-type-online-games; I mean games like MSN Solitaire Showdown! When you run out of a topic, it’s the perfect time to call out this side distraction. Ironically, the people who I find myself playing this with are conversation-worthy like Nora and Scherzquin (though it’s obvious we’re doing it for competitive score-keeping.)

Next up: Friendster Quizzes. They’ve made it simpler. Earlier, it was “Describe your ideal romantic date.” Now it’s “Coke or Pepsi?” (I choose 7-Up Ice now by the way.)

Oh and get this: Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea? Interesting. Soon companies shall cash in on this as survey research.

I get so many of these in my bulletin board that I wonder who bothers reading all of them. Heck, I haven’t even joined any Friendster clone because there’s probably going to be more where that came from!

Dammit if you have so much time, write me a testimonial.

And now, I’m seeing forum spammers I know (who usually have nothing to say but “LOL“) getting blogs. Oh joy, let’s all read about how they brushed their teeth this morning.

Oh hell I’m a hypocrite and I just did my first ever quiz. In two parts. Go read it, because I spent so much time cracking wit over it, and then optimizing it to fit in 4000 characters (but it still couldn’t fit despite being 3900 characters due to Friendster bugs) so I broke it into two. (Nope I won’t post it here, you’d have to be my friend to read it!)

Oh hell I’m going to make a blog system for Xfresh. I never announce works in progress until there is any work done on it, so yeah. More avenues for bloggers of average compositional ability. Well, at least it’s free!

P.S. Anybody noticed that layer seven of that quiz I took is missing? I can’t find any bulletin board post with layer seven…

0 thoughts on “You’re Not So Boring

  1. Chibster Post author

    And yes.. it needed a bribe and loads of nagging… but it’s going good… =) *hugz Alby* still wuv ya bro… no matter how… *sings a little tune*

  2. dot Leo Post author

    yes…i noticed.. you seem very much alive… posting that quiz …. ^_^ heh.. a blogsystem for xfresh ? tell me the details… pass me the url.. and i’ll do some testing ^_~

  3. oldjeans Post author

    while it’s true that “The Internet is evolving to help the average user not seem like a boring person


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