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Friends who have walked with me in shopping malls would know of my flow-theory. I now tell it to the world!

My discovery of the flow: the hidden force; the current of humans walking! It came to me last year.

I bumped into a friend who was from West Malaysia at the Bangsar LRT bus stop, on the free bus to Midvalley. She was just going for fun and had no prior plans with anybody there. I on the other hand was going there to meet some people (can’t remember who but Syefri was one of them.)

None of my friends were there yet, so we just walked about first aimlessly. She was leading the way. She was walking into crowds and against the flow! It was struggled movement.

I then wisely proclaimed, “come! I shall lead the way! We shall walk with the flow!” (Cue Jack Black with shimmering angelic glow from my body.)

Do not walk against the flow of the crowd!” I declared. “We walk with the crowd! Do not think of where to go! Let your legs do the walking!

We then walked with the flow, uninterrupted, letting our legs lead the way, even up or down escalators.

With that, she bumped into an old schoolmate of many years back!

We walked somemore, and she bumped into yet another!

Before she walked with the flow, she said she had never bumped into anybody in a shopping mall.

Now I’d usually bump into people in Midvalley, because I walked with the flow, but I did not bump into anybody that day. Perhaps it was because I had transferred the flow and exhausted some of it. Nevertheless, I was happy to have parted the ways of the aimless teenage shopping-complex wanderer.

(End of original flow-following theory.)

Anyway, back to Monday. I went out with Jha to Bintang Walk. We were in Lot 10, going to take the pedestrian bridge to Sungei Wang, when I saw this makeup artist applying makeup on presumeably an interested passerby. I got Jha to do a double-take to see the makeup artist’s horrid eye-makeup, and guess who I bumped into?

Az. Without a guitar. (Though he did have a friend who was going to get one…)

I have always bumped into Az in the weirdest places. (Nope, gay bars are not one of them.) We did not have each others’ numbers; we do not have each others’ instant messenger contacts; I haven’t gone to a gig with him performing in it; I’ve never gone out with a friend just because Az is coming, etc. Sure we’re friends on Friendster and he’s in my links, but it’s not like we talk through there. Which is freakishly cool then how we always bump into each other.

Perhaps, then, I have met someone, whose flow is just so intertwined with mine. It could be like Yin and Yang. Terror guitarist… and not-so-terror guitarist. Tall… and not-so-tall.

8 thoughts on “Follow The Flow

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    How do I link my blog to yours? I upload my links file, that’s how! How do you link to mine? Subscribe to me! (You already did!) *shakes Tracy’s hand profusely*

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Eh? Three times ah?

    Fear Factor 2004, Sungei Wang… third one? Sunway prom last year?

  3. hanna Post author

    maybe the "flow" is hinting to you two to get each others e-mails/numbers

    p/s- u go to proms?

  4. expectation Post author

    hey i was at sg wand too! but dunno when lah. anyway right, i wanna test the theory out too. get shaz and the gang also. wow it’ll be so fun!
    the follow-the-flow gath.

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