Cucumber-drenched Mustard

I was soaking in frequencies from a cannon when like kapow! weirder than cucumber-drenched mustard, the manager-like lady she came, and she said she spun Rubik cubes too. “What, can’t anybody figure it out in two days?

This was cause for further investigation, and so we went down. I diagrammatically showed the processes I learnt from manuals for anything beyond the first layer (as opposed to being completely self-taught!) All she did was wave her hands in the air.

After the jam was over, we all bummed around a bit, with me wishing I bothered with the voice recorder. Hung around a bit too long we did, to the ire of those waiting for us.

I’d think it was least to my fault, but alas, his account was that a chick came and I led myself away. “But she was like saying Rubik’s Cubes and I wanted to get free tickets“… and that was like kapow Zoltan! etcetera. I swear upon all my excuses before that it was true.

I now carry a cube with me in my bag at all times.

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