I went to college to find my lecturer still in her hometown, with a blur-as-heck collegemate going “I think next week got class lah…”

Ah well, no use slitting wrists over that, I said, and walked over to A&W KLCC. I ordered a coney dog combo with root beer float, and a waffle with butter and syrup. I put the tray on the table and went to the sink to wash my hands. As I walked back, they brought a waffle with icecream and strawberry syrup!

Eh I ordered with butter and syrup!

As they left, I realized that my tray already had butter and syrup. Damn, wasted a chance to have free icecream and strawberry syrup.

My intention was to put butter, then syrup, then fill the waffle cells like honeycombs with icecream from the float, like so:

A&W Waffle, anwwaffle.jpg (8296 bytes)

Notice on the right that there was more than enough leftover float. 🙂 Yes that is how I eat my waffles uh-hyuk.

Oh, and I’ve updated my Quotes with:
“The darker it is, the more powerful the effect of the flash.”

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