Busiest Monday

Bintang Walk, and a few roads off it, had its busiest Monday, and it was not a public holiday. The cause of traffic jams that was of no consequence to me? HELP Institute’s Fete De La Musique 2004.

This shall be an exercise in linking as much as I can, perhaps in parody of link-everything-overinformatively blogs and websites with too many sponsored links.

I headed there with digicam, printed schedule and map, to Berjaya Times Square first, bumping into Alda and the rest of Dragon Red, including extended family members like Debbie. Syefri was there too, awaiting his turn to not follow schedule.

I headed to Sungei Wang to meet up with Hanna and Carolyn. There wasn’t much there after the Dancing Queens, and so our legs took us through air-conditioned conditions to BB Plaza and then Lot 10 and KL Plaza, bumping into KJ the retired porcupine hair bearer. KL Plaza held no promise, as we headed down Star Hill lane to lead up to Music Exchange. Despite its “Closed Mondays” sign, Hanna left with 7 CDs.

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