Why I Wear White Pants

Shaz, William and I went around town. Details will not follow as William intends to keep the idea to ourselves.

Pardon the French(man Shaz) or rather, pardon the Malaysian English.

Shaz: Eh William. Why you always wear white pants one? If I put chocolate there, won’t it be very obvious?
William: It’s not white lah… it’s beige.
Albert: Well better a chocolate stain on white pants than a white stain on black pants.

(This was in direct reference to the condensed milk that Shaz dripped onto his black pants earlier.)

4 thoughts on “Why I Wear White Pants

  1. CaryNa da bOmbdefusah Post author

    I’d prefer white stain on black pants rather than choc stain on a white pants. GIrls have more reasons to worry about wearing a white pants tho if you know what i mean… hahahhaa.

  2. ahjeen Post author

    heya. nah, no date. went with girlfriends. one of them dressed up as a guy and proclaimed herself my date though. lol. does that count?

  3. Doey Post author

    ur point makes sense to me. white certainly look more obviously on black cuz it’s 2 total opposite hues and tones. Unlike brown and white is a mediocre combination.

    But really… liquid is not enough to stain black fabrics.

    I know u’re joking… but… hehe


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