PALA at Mines and Ed on airlines

Pardon the laziness; hope pictures will suffice.

Got on the train to the Mines Exhibition Center for the PALA sound thingymajiggy. It was a total geekout session for audio/video techie people, but I came to drool at guitars.

I got this while registering with my business card.

Audio engineer pr0n (the salesman/digital-mixer-pimp got Syefri‘s attention for quite a bit)

LASER fields. I’m blind!

Sham of Kamikaze jams with Andy Timmons. I’d never seen or heard either guitarist before, but I thought Sham looked pretty Dr. Evil-like on stage (he’s the one in white). This was Andy Timmons’ session; I spotted Amil of Dragon Red doing his usual Jimi Hendrix expressions when Andy covered Little Wing. Haha!

Click to enlarge; from left: Vax 7-string guitar for RM980 at Do Re Mi, Gibson SG Angus Young model for RM6

3 thoughts on “PALA at Mines and Ed on airlines

  1. Lex Post author

    hey dude, that’s one cool pic…alrite…it’ll look better minus the guy in the back…*sorry dude*…

  2. jenifur Post author

    that pic of the matrix thingy is so cool …! ;p not to mention, the 12 string G la… is it real?

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