Speak to my right ear

…because the left ear was next to a Hard Rock Cafe speaker. Weird how I couldn’t hear myself when I talked after The Rasmus hit us. The speaker was so loud, the vocals distorted! (Or it hit my loudness threshold, causing natural fuzz in my ear.)

P.S. The Rasmus rock. They have proper solos, and enough 80’s rock for the soul. (First single In The Shadows didn’t catch my attention because it sounded too modern hard rock.) Pity then, in some songs they have a Metallica or Skid Row intro, and go into the softer, simpler verse part, a bit anti-climatic. The vocalist is too modern; he’s a less neurotic Brian Molko. However, take away the gothic image and nobody would call them gothic. Heck, they may become pretty boys, but I think Lauri has potential to look like Ozzy Osbourne. (Lift your hands up with your Fleetwood-Mac jackets and wave them to the intro of Snowblind!)

0 thoughts on “Speak to my right ear

  1. Lex Post author

    i wanted to go for rasmus freakking badly..but guess what i’m underage….ARGH!..i have their 3album…quite nice u know…

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique Post author

    heh! experienced it once myself after a chemical brothers gig. lesson learnt: never stand within a 50 feet radius from the speakers, especially at a rave. you will be warned when your hair starts swooshing to the sounds of the bassline or kickdrum… 😛


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