Open Mic @ The Venue #5 – Hosted by Az Samad

Open Mic @ The Venue #5 – Hosted by Az Samad, 25th February 2013! Here’s the first featured act, Shelly Leong & Seth Lael! This is Shelley, jazz singer/pianist/guitarist.

Seth, the husband, on banjo.

I somehow can’t find the list of performers that I usually write on my phone, so this guy will be unlabelled unless I get a hint.

Khaimano returns! The witty multi-disciplinarian Khai is the head of this ska-punk-funk band with hilarious lyrics. He posted a gig flyer back in the Xfresh forum, that led me to catching my first gig ever, with his band playing songs like Backdoor Man, Cannot Get It Up… just as they did this night.

Ariff, used to be this skinny scrawny drummer, but he’s now buffed up.

Bahir wasn’t the original bassist.

Az Samad, organizer and emcee, introducing Shaneil Devaser, himself an open mike gig organizer. He played a cover of Foo Fighters – Razor.

Amrita Soon and a friend.

Anna Chong, second featured act!

Fung Chern Wei, on violin.

That metallic object ringed out, adding to the atmosphere. Anna’s music envelops you and makes you feel, in a transcending otherworldly way.


These guys bring back good ol’ rock.

There’s that infectious rock-and-roller tune Save Me

…and a cover of Backstreet Boys – I Want It That Way.

Next was another band from a while back – Ziel.

They have that early 2000’s vibe, where rap and metal fused again.


They played Riot, from a time that flangers were in fashion – I first heard the song nearly 9 years ago!

Rendra Zawawi smiles at Yin, videographer and organizer of the organizer. He did a cover of Bob Dylan – Make You Feel My Love by himself…

…and then Hameer Zawawi joined him for the second song, Faceless.

The incredible Dasha Logan!

This shot, and the one before, were taken by Prakash Daniel, who gets killer shots!

Ash on drums.

Adil Johan.

Dasha is a load of energy on stage! She’s a most entertaining entertainer to watch…

…with the vocal prowess to match, going from a silky purr to a hearty rocking growl!

Her brother’s in the band as well; both children to Loganathan of Alleycats!

Hameer Zawawi, this time not traditionally the last act.

I did not catch the name of this band, that played hard rock and sang in Malay.

Super hard-rocking guitar! I remember asking the musicians how he was making that hot lead guitar sound. It was scorching, molten, sticky syrup.

Liam Callan.

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