Transformers: Construct-Bots! I have to say, I love the line, despite all the flak it gets. Once you get past the notion that you’re only supposed to assemble it as per instructions, you can get some really cool alternate modes. Here’s Blitzwing, using all parts that came in the box, forming a more stealth-bomber-like plane.

Once you get past the notion that it must transform from robot to alternate mode without detaching parts, it gets even better. Bumblebee is a truck!

I first bought Blitzwing and Bumblebee, because I have a thing for triple-changers. Shame that the instructions tell you to detach parts to go from one alternate mode to another. For the others, you don’t need to detach parts to go from robot to alternate mode. I think this particular configuration doesn’t need detaching, though it will be calf-heavy; not a problem as it adds to stability.

All the triple-changing Blitzwings for scale.

My colleague didn’t like the hollow look either, and he didn’t understand the appeal of it, until he fiddled around with Blitzwing. Here’s an awesome alternate mode, that doesn’t transform, but uses all the parts in the box.

More angles of this masterpiece.

I was fiddling around with both, when I realized I could have a gestalt! I just needed to buy 3 more Construct-Bots.

I then bought the Optimus Prime Versus Megatron set, and make a gun entirely from all the pieces from Megatron’s box. Yes, it has a moveable trigger and safety lock.

Please pardon that the plasma cells are not symmetrical.

Non-transforming Huffer! Only Optimus Prime pieces.

All pictures above from my phone and processed by Instagram. Now for some serious camera action!

When stripped down for hands-on battle, you can stow away the pieces as a suit on wheels.

Megatron’s broken C-shaped wrench. Go easy on these.

Now, I had 5! Notice that Bumblebee who is normally short is taller because of his feet.

My first attempt at a gestalt, with the conditions:

1) use all the parts in the box
2) parts from a robot don’t cross over the merge points (I accidentally used Blitzwing’s machinegun on Bumblebee, so this is imperfect)
3) have modern-day articulation

I managed to use all parts for Soundwave and Blitzwing (the legs) but adding more to the upper three would make it imbalanced.

The wings of Soundwave and Blitzwing were used as giant rear braces. The wings on Megatron and Bumblebee can fold out for a wide-winged gestalt form.

My second attempt at a gestalt, Menasor-style. It balances a lot better and is more playable.

If you recolored Optimus Prime to Motormaster, you could buy the Stunticon limbs and make a proper-colored Menasor!

I didn’t use all parts this time, even removing Optimus Prime’s feet.

The limbs are simple, too; detach the arms on the leg limbs and put them behind, and detach one arm from each arm limb to attach to the underside. The cannons add stability. Originally, Megatron’s black cannon was in the left arm, keeping to no-crossover-rule, but it didn’t match in color so I swapped them.

I also made a jet wing attachment, but that made him fall backwards.

In scale to Transformers Fall Of Cybertron Bruticus (with non-destructive flamethrower mod).

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