Back to regular scheduled programming

My house phone line’s been dead since Friday now, and Streamyx is supposed to work despite that, but it doesn’t.

Friday: Celebrated Shaz’s birthday at Burger King Midvalley. I think we were happy. KJ came before Shaz! I didn’t get him a dirty blonde (should’ve just introduced Davina’s surprisingly black hair to mustard) but he was happy.

Saturday: Went to the office, then home, to cower like a chicken.

Sunday: Went to Midvalley, to the KLue, Starbucks presents HSBC Chillout Sessions, to bid farewell to Irma. I helped the usually distraught friend to take pictures of say:

This latte will evaporate in one hour

From the filename and picture, I wonder why I bother hiding her identity by calling her the distraught friend

Shelley and Az, waiting for their turn to perform (see, even when they’re not performing, they look artistic!)

I love Shelley. She had to run and leave me this chocolate cinnamon roll leftover

Pete Teo doing a soundcheck. Nice tuning pegs!

Thank you everybody! Come to my album launch!

Zahid of Disagree must be going, “bestnya acoustic set! Can sit down!” (The solo on Crumbs was hummed, coolness!)

Pete is joined by Zahid and Hamka of Disagree (Disagree with Pete! Or rather, Pete with Disagree!)

I like this picture.

4 thoughts on “Back to regular scheduled programming

  1. yivon Post author

    who’s that mat salleh in the first photo with the latte ? Damn cutie pie! 🙂
    Email me if ya know…Thanks!

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