Shelley And Cheese

No, the title is not a reference to the loveable Az. Here are more pictures and a little commentary.

I headed down to Bintang Walk on Wednesday night to see Shelley‘s album launch. On the way there, I stopped by Lot 10 to find:

Speedy Video! Who goes to Lot 10 for this anyway?


I didn’t believe it either. The unheard-of Tower Records in Lot 10! (KL Plaza was so near!)

So this is L’Opera.

I love taking bulb-lighted pictures and overexposing the highlights.


Cosmic Funk Express. Alda was on bass, and they racked major coolness with a Super Mario cover song.

On the journey to the toilet, you’d pass by a picturesque construction site window.

Oh, and let’s not forget picturesque Shelley.

Thursday: Went to an Xfresh gathering. Apologies to the people who saw me stoned there. I discovered that even uncaffeinated frappucinos gave me headaches. It didn’t help that I considered two people at the pseudo-dinner table irritating. Escaped I did, for college I had to attend. I got on the bus from Midvalley to the Universiti PUTRA LRT station, comtemplating just going home. I was saved by a friend who was my sister’s classmate (and I discovered that his older sister was my classmate before!)

I was headacheless as I rushed uncertainly to a class that may or may have not been cancelled. Thank goodness it was there, and that I passed my progress test, with double the marks I expected. Yes I am still sounding stoned.


Click on the picture to enlarge. I waited for the bus, contemplating eating dinner there or eating dinner near my house. I gambled the bus for cheese naan, but I would not regret it. It was the works! (Plus it wasn’t Naan Special or Naan Pizza!) It had onions, carrots, and heck, raisins! Its foundation was mozzarella, for the stretchy gooey cheesy appeal. How do you get there? Find the shortest open-air walking path between Masjid Jamek and Pasar Seni PUTRA LRT stations. It lies somewhere along that stretch.

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