Too tired to write creatively

On Friday, I headed down for more cheese naan. Dipping it in condensed milk, and then fusing it with fish curry, was heavenly. On the way there, I saw this:

The Central Market Folk Quintet

Coolness! A pickup for a twelve-string that didn’t need surgery!

On Saturday I went down to Times Square for the Hoobastank Battle Of The Bands Final Auditions. The winners?

Edge Of Fire (3rd place)

Reco (2nd place, a mix of two bands)

Vespertine (1st place, will be opening alongside Disagree at Hoobastank’s concert in Malaysia)

I headed to Coffee Bean for a White Chocolate Dream but got a Dulce instead, after a dehydrating day in the sun. It was toffee-flavored. Note the name; it would be an interesting way to pick up people at coffee houses, yes? Walk over, look at the cup, and say hi.

On Monday I headed yet again to Central Market lane; this time, there was a sad-looking mime who needed a dime.

This time around, I converted Syefri into a fan; he ordered the garlic-topped cheese naan, while I tried the cheese naan without garlic.

Oh and there are new links in my About Me! page. Lovably neurotic Graceshu, Angelceres, Bloodlet (a 30-something whose blog does not revolve around politics) and Bernard.

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