Starbucks. Sunway College. Hoobastank.

Friday was with William and I headed to Fathima’s Bangsar for cheese naan. Of course, due credit is to Ledwina for telling me about it. With the right salty bits sprinkled on a creatively-cut naan, this would be another place to sing praises of.

We then walked over to Starbucks, Telawi area, Bangsar for the second-last KLue Chillout Series.

Kevin Teh or Broken Scar, singer/songwriter/newest-addition-to-John’s-Mistress, doing some interesting instrumental jazz stuff in between hearty acoustic songs.

Jerome Kugan sings soul so damn well, it’s scary… and this, over electronica.

Hardesh and Az make up the Dalcha Duo. I finally got to see Az with a worthy match; they took turns to do acoustic maestro fills, climaxing at an Arabic/neoclassical song which had all the WHOAOHMYGIDDYGUITARPPLAYINGNESS of The Eagles, when they both played the same solo to perfect rhythm.

Er, Nabila reads.

Peter Hassan Brown and Markiza Brown end the gig on a happy note.

On Saturday, I walked from Sunway Pyramid to Sunway College for Isabella‘s gig. I met some KLue people there, and on the drink-getting detour, I bumped into huggable Britney Fan #1 Zahra and partner-in-crime Priya. Aiyeee nonstop hugs. 🙂

Back there, Flatline was on. Look at their pretty, shiny glossy guitars! (I missed Sgt. Weener’s Arms when I went for lunch.)

This Body Broken came on, but their set was broken by:

Rain. We all ran to the tents. I wonder what that says about their singing. And I was just thinking, “dammit it’s a hot day and I’m thirsty.”

Hey… this dude looks familiar. Implications galore.

You may be able to make out his face. More implications galore!

Furniture, the post-rock band formerly known as RUSH.

That, my friend, is a post-rock setup.

That, my friend, is how you play in a post-rock band.


Note the bandage on the left-handed Fender Mustang.

I won prizes! The mousepad leaves a funky smell on your wrist though.

I finally got to see Duan with his band after hearing his intimate session with the guitar. There was one particular song I liked more on the acoustic, because of the interesting guitar chords… though I can’t say whether he is better solo.

Ham fiddles with effects.

Syarul of Love Me Butch looks like he just swam off an island.

KLPHQ, or Kuala Lumpur Post-Harmonic Quartet; we anticipated a very post sound and were not disappointed. I pronounced them as kelepak.

This is what made his vocals sound haunting – I don’t know what it is, but it sounded like reverb/delay drawn out till everything was one long howl. For all you know post-rock bands probably have a stompbox simply called Post.

It could not get any cooler than this.

Oh, and I shook hands with the inverted-right-mouse-hand of the Quake God, and the picture-taking Just.

Sunday was just about Hoobastank. I bumped into Jamie, Caryna (who’s got some nice shots on her blog) and Mystery Wolf. The crowd was dare I say comfortably less. Less elitist rockers and all round sweaty shirtless rockers. More nubile international school chicks for me!

I’ll link the review when it’s up. Yeah, that’s the end of the pictures… I didn’t bring the digicam, as it was too much hassle. That explains why I gave the media pass to Sara so she could take pictures with her camera with optical zoom. Oh, and despite the complimentary tickets that Syefri and I got (we love you Shaz and Universal Music) that had the complimentary drinks cancelled out, we got 2 cans of Coca Cola anyway. 🙂

Heck, we tried to enter the VIP area without any fancy tags, and security let us in without any fuss (one said to the other “ini dah cukup umur niii…”)

It ended prematurely, at 9:50pm. Bummer. Sara‘s parents were so kind as to give me a lift to Hartamas, where I found out what a small world it could be on one table. The cab home costed less than RM5. Joy! Oh, and the About Me! page has been updated with more links.

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