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I went to work, then to Bintang Walk, to Bentley. I saw the Ibanez GSA 370-QM I so longed for since before I first failed subjects in college. I extolled the priceworthy features of the yummilicious butterscotch guitar to MW, going “lookatit! It’s got double-locking floating bridge, H/S/H pickup configuration, super fast action, jumbo frets and 24 frets… eh waitaminute. (Counts dot inlays) 15, 17, 19, 21… 22… 22! 22? 22 frets?

Disappointed that my dream (affordable) guitar had 22 and not 24 frets, I shook MW hard. At the shoulders. In a way, her reverbrating scream said all I wanted to say.

I surprisingly still remembered how to drive around the driving school circuit. I bummed around with the Uptown Girl at, you guessed it, Uptown. Disappointed that SLC the big corner guitar store was emptied out, I bought picks from Harmony Music.

The 0.96 pick was not only thick, it was huge! (As you can see it’s wider than the nut.) The finger pick was too soft for my liking.

I got on the bus, and it took me to One Utama, where I saw something that old buddy Patrick Soo had been telling me was a rarity:

This would be the first Transformer I’d ever bought with my own money. I later hopped to Davina’s office, while I toyed with Arcee. (What’s wrong with toying with a toy huh?) It felt like I was half my age, she was twice her age, and I was waiting for my mommy (who just bought me a new toy) to finish work.

I hauled my 19″ monitor to a computer shop a few blocks away from home, gaining stretch marks on my right arm, hence my MSN nickname “nineteen inches and my right arm hurts“.

And now, for more food updates:

In a little quaint residential area of Taman Sri Sinar, Segambut, lies a recent discovery. Along the row that had the only KFC, was a 7 Eleven that was not open… and a mamak next to it, to my pleasant surprise, serving cheese naan!

What is with my fixation with cheese naan? Perhaps I have been slow to catch the trend, but I only knew of it last year. It would quickly gain commercial appeal among even hardened fast food junkies like me, as it wasn’t oily like the roti canai variants, instead having a crusty, plain texture, with cheese melted upon it. Much like pizza.

This one was nice; it came with fish curry, dhall curry and some unidentifiable, funky-tasting sauce. I asked for condensed milk, and asked my brother (who ordered cheese naan after me) to dip his cheese naan in condensed milk, and then in the fish curry. (I thought condensed milk and fish curry made a heavenly marriage.) He said it tasted like santan.

Santan! Ah, it all made sense now. Santan would be curry with milk, and this was a cool accidental discovery. Plus, you could control your curry-to-milk ratio.

Other good news:

The STAR LRT now is fully Touch N Go compliant. One less stored-value ticket to carry. 🙂

The Midvalley KTM Komuter station is now open, but KL Sentral’s ticket booths have stickers with the old map, without Midvalley on it. It does however cost RM1. Taking the Triton bus from there would cost 50 sen.

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