All That Jazz

Anyway, after work I headed down to KL. I didn’t get to hitch a ride with Hanna, so I walked from Bangsar LRT to Midvalley, to meet Davina and share a cab to Mont Kiara for the Sunrise Carlsberg Jazz Fest. I met up Syefri at the World Cyber Games (and bumped into Nael and Justine). There, I got a subscription for GameAxis for 12 issues at RM66 (RM5.50 X 12) and hauled back a free Sonic Gear SP221x 2.1 speaker set. Or, as Syefri says, a subwoofer set with free magazine subscription. This was more than the previous RM52 bundle though. 🙁

Davina and I failed to get a cab, so we got on the Triton which was now RM1. (Twice its old price! Buggers.) At that exact moment Hanna called and asked how to get there, as she was lost in KL after picking Carolyn up. I told her to head over to Bangsar LRT, as the bus was headed there anyway. Neat.

After much twisting and turning, we got parking in Desa Sri Hartamas, where we met up Vignesh for dinner at Devi’s Corner. Today’s cheese naan was a different affair! It was excellently cheese-laden. (Cheesy would not sound right, yes?) Syefri messaged me saying that Julian Mokhtar was ending his set with Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Child. Argh! Missed the blues shredder. We then walked over to Sunrise Mont Kiara, and the picture-taking began.

You know what? I’m gonna screw my tradition of putting small fonts on centered image captions.

Ayunami does not look like Linda Onn when she’s looking spastic. I must say she pulls it off better than Rocket.

If Az was here, he’d say Hanna was in the hood.

Zal and uh, Cosmic Funk Express

Soft Touch, from afar (so you can see the stage)

Shelley and Alda

That’s right – Az on an electric hollowbody guitar!

When Davina met Vignesh – a tale of two photographers

Jose Thomas rips it out on a nylon-string electric Godin. Sweeet. Rozhan plays bass in the background, for Grooveunction.

He is then featured with a brand-less Stratocaster; very interesting indeed as the humbucker is on the neck position (not bridge!), with the other positions filled by two hotrails.

A very sweet looking Yamaha (though the headstock reminds me of Samick/Greg Benett instead.)

Mia Palencia of Double Take joins to add vocals to all that jazz.

I noticed that the grain of the wood was different here; it looked like it once hosted a Floyd Rose, but now used a Wilkinson floating bridge.

Rozhan does wah-ed metal effects ala Metalasia.

The party hipped and hopped with Phlowtron on stage.

Priya and I agree that Phil looks like Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers (plus Flea played saxophone too!)

The ending was a funky one, with funky drunks on stage. (Geddit? Er, you know funky monks? RHCP?) I took a cab home, midnight charge and all and it was only RM7! Neato!

Left: My 2.1’s in the box; right: I tried to use it as a guitar amp but failed.

My Sonic Gear 2.1 speakers in action.

Addendum: I also bumped into Sarah and friends there, without the distraught friend though. Where art thou?

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