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Fong Fei Kei

Fong Fei Keiverb (Malaysian slang) – to leave someone alone, to dump suddenly, to abandon on unforseen circumstances. Adapted from Cantonese, where it is literally translated as ‘leaving on a jet plane’.

Examples of usage: She Fong-Fei-Kei-ed me when I waited at the office to get things done, taking the day off to line up to buy upcoming movie tickets.

I was, in fact, Fong-Fei-Kei-ed by two people; one after the other, as we were to watch a movie in a group. Both of them watched with their families. Yeah, I know – unforseen circumstances.


Hype and its following crowdWe are all victims of hype. Myself included. Yeah, sure, I’m ashamed, but I still follow the crowd.

Like today. I was Fong-Fei-Kei-ed (read definition above) for a movie that was the hype. It had a cool trailer (so cool, it had to be pulled down!) It was widely believed that tickets for this particular movie were hard to get. (I know; I met someone who waited for 7 hours for a ticket!)

Sure, I could justify my yearning to see the movie – I had a fair amount of literature relating to it. However, my want turned ugly when I found out that everybody watched it before I did!

Could I watch it alone? Society has declared that watching a movie alone is a social no-no; a faux pas; an act of loneliness.

I felt left out. Classic symptoms of a sufferer of hype. Everybody’s doing it; why haven’t you?

It wasn’t so bad being the last, but being Fong-Fei-Kei-ed as well dealt the blow. I blew. I turned ugly.

To all of you who had to endure my ranting, I am sorry. A thousand apologies for the thousand harsh words that had been said. I knew I went overboard, but I continued on anyway. The hype got me overreacting. 🙁

I would have normally written it off, dismissed it, and found somebody else to go watch it with. But who? Although it wasn’t even a week since the premiere, everybody online I asked watched it already. I didn’t get anyone who went excitedly about how he/she wanted to watch it again. They wouldn’t mind, as the movie was okay.

It wouldn’t be the same if I forced them to watch it again. The after-movie (where people talk about the movie after that) wouldn’t be the same. The elements of surprise would be predicted. And most of all, I’d feel guilty.

I don’t even know what to make of what I feel now. Perhaps after the movie, you’ll find out!

Bah Humbug

Here’s something for the less uninterested in my rantings – a new skin! Called Narcissism, it features yours truly, in a very narcissistic way! Also, my About Me page has been updated once again!

Oh, and the *&%#^ Guestbook bug has been fixed! You can now sign my guestbook with my reassurance that it won’t be swallowed up by the deep void of bugs in web space!

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