Two Ends Of Publika

26th March 2013: Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Publika March Edition! I’ve seen this guy, Nabilah’s brother, in Minotaur & The Labyrinth, but I’m not sure if he’s up as that.

Nazrin, soaking up all the experience points he can get.




I’m not sure, since my notes don’t seem to align with chronological order, if this is Clifford

…or if this is Nuhan.


Big, of Big & Small

…and Small, with the big voice.

Halcony, first featured act, from Japan! (I unfortunately missed the second featured act, the awesome cello band, Paladin.)

I then moseyed over to Page 2, on the other end of Publika, to check out The Big Fish @MapFest.

Shaneil Devaser!

Elaine Foster, emcee, shows us that the spongemike is quite tasty.

Davina Goh!

She told us stories. I never knew she dated a very famous bassist!

This must be the story of her losing her mobile phone.

Thilaga Sulathireh. This picture should also tell you where exactly Page 2 is.

And now, back to The Bee! I didn’t catch her name.


Lai Yee & Ann Na! This is Lai Yee.

This is Ann Na.

Drunk bear.

Josiah Tay.

Azran, who did a cover of M. Nasir – Hati Emas.

Syamee Shamsul.

Looking very different back then! He did an excellent cover of Jack Johnson – Better Together.

Ghosts & Everything Beautiful.


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