Layan Fest 2013

Layan Fest 2013, 7th April 2013, at KL Performing Arts Center! In the foyer, there was a djembe jam going on.


In Pentas 2, Brian was emceeing. Also, when I hear Layan Fest I think of his old band, Layan Sound System.


Christian Palencia.

Darren Ashley.

A rare lens makes its appearance at this gig – the Sigma 12-24mm F4.5-5.6 EX DG!

All red with an Elmo snowcap.

Darren shows us the turn.

He then brings up a member of the audience to contribute to his loop pedal jam.

Outside, So I’m Jenn. She’s fun to watch, with a unique sense of humor!

Zalila Lee, strumming outside.

Ann Na and I, selfie-ing through the widest ultra-wide angle lens there is. I prefer the word “camwhore” as it fits the context better, e.g. camwhoring.

Zalila Lee and Ariff Akhir.

At the foyer, Jumero brings on the classic vocal harmonies of the Bee Gees and other propagators of disco.

As I look at this, I wonder if kajons will overtake djembes…

Keeping it funky.

Inside Pentas 2, +2dB, awesome dark electronica.


The djembe jam moved outside!

Bihzhu will connect you to the gentle flow of the river that runs inside you.

Although focused on Faz, I have to say I love Bihzhu’s hair here.

Hameer joins, and finds the lyrics stand to be rather low.


Meanwhile, a bunch of us played POLITIKO.

Inside, An Honest Mistake!

This was back in the days of the vocalist who fits in your pocket, Sheryl Goh.

Grab your friends and let us sing-along!

It has always been my aim to get that shot of An Honest Mistake, when they do the song breakdown where the 2 guitarists and bassist shred together. At this gig, it was yet to be fulfilled, because of my own bad timing. So here’s a cool shot that has nothing to do with me outlining my objectives.

Leonard Chua (left) and Darren Teh (right).

Brian Tan was doing stand up rather dryly, but we gave face and laughed at his attempts to tell jokes. (Thanks Nicole/Bihzhu for the name!)

Prakash Daniel, experienced comedian, asking for people’s names to sing in his song.

The Metaphor, post-rock.

Dark side of the guitarist.

Outside, Phoon Chi Ho, one of my favorite stand-up comedians.

Shamaine Othman, who gets to tell all the I’m-a-female-comedian jokes.

Nick Davis.

Michael Leaner, on guitar, himself a rock vocalist.

AI:IA (Artificially Intelligent: Improvholics Anonymous).

Tempered Mental, darlings of the rock scene for their progressive, innovative style. Melina on bass!

Jimmy on drums!

Jack on guitar!

The show ended early compared to other shows, at 9pm or so. Here’s Darren Teh chilling on the piano, post-show.

Awesome poster for an awesome-sounding show. I didn’t get around to following up and catching it!

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