Shaneil Devaser: The EP Launch Party

Shaneil Devaser: The EP Launch Party, 20th April 2013.

At Merdekarya, with the funniest artwork around.

Riz, hardened rocker.

Shaneil Devaser, in a more professorly look.

Krist Novoselic Chong on bass.

Rashaad on djembe and bleeps.

Cake or death? Cake!

Y’know, because it was also Shaneil’s 25th Birthday Surprise.

That’s a lot of candles.

The Infernal Conundrum (TiC)! Here’s Angelo, my cousin.

Phang on keyboard.

Rashaad with more bleeps.

Brendan on guitar and bleeps.

Julian on a very cool-looking ESP Ltd bass.

Kaya (The Band).

They did an awesome cover of Jimi Hendrix – Red House!

Gregory Ramanado joined later to jam along.

An old-school playground, made of concrete, next to the newfangled plastic and metal one, in Petaling Garden, the area where Merdekarya is in.

In other news, as of this post, my backlog is now just 9 months, yay!

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