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Paul’s Place had a gig of the funk variety, and I was all geared up to see Cosmic Funk Express again. Unfortunately, they didn’t play; replacing them was Call The Paramedics. I missed them and Telebury, to be greeted with:

A full-house crowd in Paul’s Place! Anybody who’s been there on any of their gigs would know how rare this occasion would be. It was my first time having to trip over people sitting down.

Next was Groovetank, made of Zack (of Cosmic Funk Express), Sam (of Call The Paramedics), a rapper, guitarist/vocalist and drummer. Zack had a sedentary sound-effect-making role in this band, though. 🙁

The last band, Zhen, hailing from Singapore, caught the crowd’s attention the moment the female bassist stepped on the stage, with an unusual-looking 5-string bass; it had a pattern behind the black neck, black-painted fretboard and clear-finished body. She had her accomplice, a 7-string shredder, but she had the spotlight for the night.

She thankfully lived up to her bass; she had the same itch I had – guitarist on a bass. She never played single root notes; she’d always play the fifth after it, noodling around, playing power chords, and full chords up the fretboard. WHOA!

Then, there was also tapping, sounding excellent coupled with the GT-6B soundboard’s sounds. And like WHOA! again, you don’t see a bassist slapping and wah-ing the wah pedal at the same time often, do you?

She would’ve been Syefri‘s new bass-playing crush.

Oh and I’ve updated my links in my About Me! page.

1 thought on “Paul’s Place Funk

  1. udjinn

    hey albert.. this post came up in a random ‘callt he paramedics’ search. haha
    just wanted to chime in that the bass in the last pic is a status graphite s2. graphite neck, hence the weird pattern at the back of the neck.


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