Good morning Albert hey do
you know how to get tickets to
the Malaysian Idol finale? I
really wanna go…

Such SMSes before my teh tarik breakfast will result in delayed reply.

Now the funny thing is, how does she know that I know how to get tickets?

She doesn’t know that I know people who work in 8tv. I’m not exactly a shareholder who can demand 10 tickets be delivered to my doorstep (or get VIP backstage access to shows), I just have ex-colleagues there.

She doesn’t know Jasmine or how I helped her get tickets.

I don’t talk about Malaysian Idol all day; I don’t even watch it, and my 8tv reception is baaad.

Perhaps, then, my friend messaged everybody in her phonebook, but took the effort to include my name. Perhaps she only bothered to do so for the first few people in her phonebook. Alphabetically.

Perhaps, it was my aura of freeloading, wearing a different free T-shirt each day. And no, I don’t have William‘s “I have no professional training” 8tv T-shirt.

Now if you’re a nubile schoolgirl reading this and panting Vick’s name… pant my name and maybe I’ll help you. 😉

Now for a real ancient pet peeve. It can be very disheartening for a hot chick to SMS me, asking me to help her book two tickets for a movie. First off I’m not in the plan, and secondly, I never agreed to be anyone’s pet brother/emergency crutch. It can be worse when I have two free tickets, where I offer one and she says she’s busy, but later asks for both.

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