0 thoughts on “Astronian Cats

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    Diana! I dare say you look and sound cuter than those same old cats!

    MW: Thank you, DAMMIT. I actually thought of it more like the grey one was struck by lightning/stroke/inebriated, while the ginger one was looking up into the sky, going, "WHY, GOD, WHY?!?"

  2. Mystery Wolf Post author

    I’m so glad you’re actually using the word ‘astronian’! Thank me for that! Thank me dammit!

    Cute cats though… they look like they’re having a good time. The grey one reminds me of you in the Fish Tank sleeping at your desk, and the ginger one seems like it’s practising some good ol’ neck exercises used to better howling techniques. I haven’t been to the Astronian Centre for a long time now, but I see my wolfy influence is getting to the cats through the park. Woohoo! I’ll drink to that!

    Oh yea, it’s a really nice concept you guys have there. You know, the Jurassic Period (park) inside the future (Astronian Centre)… heheh

  3. Warmpaw Post author

    for a minute…i thot the ginger cat was mourning the loss of its grey partner…

    then…cheh! mite be jz dead sleeping…

    i miss the tank ppl… *hugs alby*

  4. paul Post author

    what do me and you have in common albert? both the search results for our name reveal church pastors sharing our names 😛


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