I watched The Exorcist: The Beginning today. It was cool. I expected a straight up horror movie but got a bit more thriller. I managed to predict where the spirit was. Whoa am I psychic?

Still, I was engrossed in the Indiana Jones technicolor, and the story was uncomfortably close to what I knew. Add the irony of my cousin being a priest. One experience, however, helped my immersion:

It was 1999. I was a confirmant in Catholic upbringing, and as part of the program, I went for a Life in the Spirit Seminar. It was all song and games until a praying-over session.

We would stand still, eyes closed, while two people would pray over us. If we were touched by the Holy Spirit, we’d start talking in tongues, or feel weak and fall to the ground. As I waited my turn, I saw the people being prayed over being gently rocked back and forth. The skeptic in me held steady as they chanted over me. I thought I saw a light, but I cheated and opened my eyes a bit to see that it was just somebody adjusting the projector. I felt a breeze, but it was the air-conditioner.

They were done with me, and I sat down, untouched by the Holy Spirit.

They moved on to this lady who was with the church. When they started praying over her, she started shaking and howled like a banshee for ten minutes! She didn’t stop for air. Whoa humanly impossible. After removing her jade and constant chanting (and what I believe was exorcism), she was sweating and lay on the ground calmly after that.

Apparently, she was a convert; before this, she had precious jade (which was called footholds to spirits). She still wore it after converting.

Oh, and a woman in white drape-y cloth walked through the theater, from the front-left exit. She was walking so slow, I was sure she wasn’t looking for a seat – she was a cinema gimmick perhaps. Indeed she wasn’t, as she exited through the middle stairway. Sorry, wrong movie. Now the question was, if she was hired by the cinema, or if she was just a prankster. It would’ve been cool if she missed a step and tripped. I didn’t get to trip her since I sat way behind the middle stairway. 🙁

P.S. Would you suspect that the female heroine was once a Bond girl?

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  1. girlwiththebrokensmile Post author

    Now you make me wanna go see The Exorcist. It`ll be your fault if I can`t sleep for the rest of the week. yeah, I have a heart of a lion.


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