Lingo For Drawing Gold Balls

I saw Gary Thanesan in the office cafeteria during lunch sitting at the table behind me. Remember him? He was the host for Lingo, a gameshow on TV2. Jason and I loudly conversed:

Me: You may draw a ball!
Jason: Gold ball! Gold ball!

* conversation may not be accurate

Syefri and Jenifer didn’t get it until later.

It would be great if Lingo would come back. It would be even better if, since he was in the ASTRO cafeteria, that he would come back on ASTRO. It would be best if they shot Lingo in ASTRO itself! Ultimate coolness! Then, I could sneak in as a member of the audience and shout:




The contestants were always oblivious to logic and obviousness. I had always dreamed of shouting the answer. Grrr. All that frustration back in school, when I probably wasn’t old enough to join.

Like Mastermind, I knew that they should’ve used words with lots of vowels; YEARN and LOTUS would be good as openers, since they both covered RSTLN and AEOUY.

And so, I dared Jason, the daresome straight-faced clown of the lot, to go up to him and ask, “can I draw a ball?

Sadly, he left before we could make a move. 🙁

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