Okay so this isn’t as easy to creatively answer but here goes.


cigarette: My road has been tarred, but never my lungs, first-hand
good cry: July, oh why?
library book checked out: Never checked out a library book. 🙂
movie seen: Eep. Princess Diaries 2
book read: Gameaxis Magazine
cuss word uttered: Dammit
beverage drank: Water
food consumed: free Domino’s for a dinner meeting! 🙂
crush: A year ago? I don’t crush anymore, weirdly
phone call: William
tv show watched: Pillow Talk featuring Shelley Leong and Az Samad
time showered: 7:30am
shoes worn: My one and only free not-in-the-market Nikes
CD played: Alter Bridge – One Day Remains
item bought: Mamee snack noodle. YAM YAM!
downloaded: Ukelele tabs for Super Mario Brothers
annoyance: he is not on my Friendster list. Isn’t this nice to read?
disappointment: Yesterday…
soda drank: today, at the free dinner meeting! 🙂
thing written: “has profile times and show names” – excerpt from meeting
key used: A minor. Jiwang sial
word spoken: Refresh!
IM: yesterday night with Joel
sexual fantasy: Whoa. Three hours ago. Am I pregnant?
weird encounter: on the bus home, with an old rich contractor
ice cream eaten: Probably two months ago
time amused: Before lunch, watching a blindfolded pianist play the entire Super Mario Bros theme!
time wanting to die: I’ve always wanted to LIVE!
time in love: with my computer? I still am
time hugged: Sometime this month. I should shower more often
time scolded: Yesterday
time resentful: Yesterday. Argh why did I miss THE gig at Paul’s Place?
chair sat in: The office one; still sitting.
chapstick used: I am naturally kissable
lipstick used: I am naturally kissable
underwear worn: Primary school, before boxers ruled
shirt worn: The official T-shirt, again, free
time dancing: Probably the Mont Kiara Jazz Fest
poster looked at: The one with my dad’s old company in it
show attended: KLue’s 4th anniversary, with Seven Collar T-shirt and Teh Tarik Crew
webpage visited: (GEE)


clothes: A T-shirt and jeans
mood: Self-amusing
music: Super Mario World theme
taste: GOOD as always
hair: Freshly cut
annoyance: Nothing
smell: Apparently, unhuggable
thing I should be doing: Working, being, after all, in an office
desktop picture: HAHAHAHA you should come here and see it for yourself
refreshment: Water
worry: If things will ever be the same again

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