This post is dedicated to YK and Tech, and to my Transformer-collecting, Transformer-modelling past.

Reunited at last, in the Transformers Energon series (remember them in the Transformers movie?)

Yes, so I was feeling impulsive and bought the Powerlinx Rodimus. He was worth it because he could merge with other Powerlinx series Transformers. What a coincidence, then, that he would complete Arcee (were Transformers couples? Watch the movie!) I bought Arcee a while back because Patrick said it was a collector’s item.

Yep, this would make the second Transformer I’d ever bought with my own money. When you’re earning, you tend to think, “Should I buy this cool toy, or should I buy a DVD writer to backup my stuff?

6 thoughts on “Robosexual

  1. tech Post author

    thanks for the memories. i like your last paragraph. i always feel like that. but i can’t do anything. obsession is bad for health. 🙂

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Toy’s R Us Midvalley didn’t have it for RM35 so I got it at Jaya Jusco for RM50. Eep.

    The Dinobots, I hope, shall be reissued soon… however, if they do a Transformers Energon version, I’d rather get that because it’s a lot more poseable.

  3. Ian Post author

    Oh man, i miss my old transformer toys i had back then. Its all in the trashcan now – thanks to my parents. I had the whole set of dinobots, y’know – those toys were the COOLEST of the lot. Where did you purchase it? Toys r us?


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