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Last Saturday

It was the HELP Battle Of The Bands. It was a while back, so pardon my bad recollection. I waited at Bangsar PUTRA LRT for the bus to Pusat Bandar Damansara. Apparently, so was this other girl, as I ran out to the main road to see if that Triton bus was the right one. She ran out too. The correct bus came, and we both got on. She received a phone call and went, “What? It started already?” I got off when she did, and we both ran about, lost. I wanted to ask if she knew where it was, but she was on the phone, trying to get directions. We found Block E after a while.

Pretty, pretty lights. Too bad the sound wasn’t anywhere as good.

Few bands knew how to sound good; this 3rd place winner sang in tune.

Married To Guns was fun to watch, with the vocalist/guitarist doing his dancy The Darkness – I Believe In A Thing Called Love cover as well as Survivor – Eye Of The Tiger. They even ended with the solo bit of Metallica – Nothing Else Matters!

Alda of Cosmic Funk Express looked superbly funky that night.

We then went to Hartamas Square, where we had free beer on the winners, Cosmic Funk Express.


Shaz, JJM and I were supposed to break fast at Kelana Jaya, where Shaz would pick up his ride. Problem was, his ride wasn’t ready for him to shoot off to Cyberjaya to hand in his assignment, and so JJM became chaffeur. He introduced me to the mechanic, and I was to collect his Mercedes Benz when it was done.

I didn’t want to sit around Syed’s any longer, being bloated, so I called Dustyhawk, knowing he lived nearby. I got instructions to his house, and called again.

Dude! Is your road SS5A/18?
No it’s not, you ASS. You overshot, you ASS. ‘FOO.

I turned around and spotted him waiting outside his road, where he continued with his verbal assault.

It wasn’t till I got in that his momma showed him who was boss. She was.

She continuously expressed her love and concern (“aiyo I tell you this Lionel useless host one!“). I shall not go into details, but his room is sparkling clean for a guy. I got online on Lionel’s monitor (which read AS5S hence his continuous tribute to it). Shaz called, asking me to get back there to wait for the car with Maman. Lionel’s mom made him drive me there.

When we got there, Maman was there, and he lit a cigarette. Lionel borrowed one, as well as the lighter. We got the drift that his mom didn’t know that her son was smoking.

Shaz and JJM returned a bit too soon, so I didn’t get to test his new seats. Lionel, Shaz and I sat at Syed’s again, thinking of the original plan – to go watch Latte at 8 at Sunway Pyramid’s Starbucks at midnight. We went to visit Lionel’s mom again to get her permission.

I hope she doesn’t give me more bags of starfruits, man.” – Shaz

She went on about his underwear and how angry she was walking from Pudu STAR LRT station to Bintang Walk due to her son’s misdirection. She went all out to humiliate Lionel in the most funny way possible.

Aunty, can we take your son to see Latte at 8 at midnight at Sunway Pyramid?
Sure, can! As long as he doesn’t hisap rokok then can.

I laughed my loudest then.

We went, and got major prime position seats. It wasn’t too close to the stage, and yet, we could see everything.

Close up.

Adam Carruthers and Marion Caunter of 8TV Quickie with some girl who should’ve won the Nokia 3200 at the HELP Battle Of The Bands. Yes, this was the first time I’d ever seen Marion after hearing so much about her cuteness.

Zahid of Disagree sports a new glittery Gibson Les Paul, with Hamka on percussion

In one of the secret tunnels out, we found the Bus Channel (Lionel poses)

Oh, and I was at a guitar shop in Sunway Pyramid. There was a guy testing a guitar and I was happy for once, because usually when someone tests a guitar, they probably know what to play. He was just playing very sloppily, very average – like me. 🙂

P.S. Welcome Evening Drama to the links in my About Me! page.

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