Happy And Gay

Be happy for me, heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual and robosexual people! For once, a random stranger from Friendster who tried to add me… was gay. Yeah, like homosexual gay. Okay so he doesn’t say so, but females with gay friends have confirmed his gayness. Now, I can proclaim myself ‘jambu‘. Haha.

I have nothing (much) against gays. I say yay when my good-looking friend comes out of the closet. One less competitor, I say!

However, I think big-framed, strong-jawboned crossdressers are ugly. Their friends pull it off, but I don’t want them to pull anything off!

For the record, I am straight and I didn’t approve him because I didn’t want my account to be filled up by male strangers who think I’m good-looking. I would rather have intellectual female strangers who think I’m good-looking, especially ones with hot pictures.

So why does my name on Friendster have a ‘HUNGRY‘ attached behind it? I am parodying those camwh0res and camwh0re-adders who have accounts like Jessica-One-FULL and Jessica-Two-FULL.

0 thoughts on “Happy And Gay

  1. Mystery Wolf Post author

    I’ve got one gay musician who tried to add me too. Since I’m a girl, that makes it all different doesn’t it? I didn’t add him though… I don’t wanna add anymore people whom I don’t personally know, gay or straight.

    However, if a dude who tries to add me is straight and good-looking, I might think about it 😀

    … nah I’ll just add him.

    Btw the gay guy who tried to add me didn’t look gay, just that he said he is in his profile. And ading that he’s a musician… maybe I might add him… whaddaya think?

    Anyway, on “Jessica-One-FULL and Jessica-Two-FULL”… are you insulting Fin? 😛

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    If he doesn’t look gay… he’s just using that to get laid! Don’t fall for that! You, of all that is devious and evil should know.

    At least I have gay-looking pictures with sunglasses so I can use that tactic.

    No it’s not just Fin, I have many friends who have reached 500.

  3. Mystery Wolf Post author

    so u’ve insulted many of ur friends who have reached over 500 friends….


    Anyhoo about the gay fella… i dunno.. maybe he’s the more male-y version of gays… you know some gays take more of the feminine role and others more of the masculine role..

    btw i made up my mind and I’m not adding him… i really dont want unfamiliar faces in my list…

  4. girlwiththebrokensmile Post author

    I happen to like gays. I am after all, a gay guy TRAPPED in a woman`s body. Not all dudes with sunglasses are gays! VICK IS THE SEXIEST DUDE IN M`SIA.

  5. udangstar Post author

    sexy vic?
    yes…..sexist…i guess so.
    how dyah guys know the fler is gay? I mean they don’t go around telling people “hey


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