This Open Mic May Feedback

28th May 2013: Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Publika May Edition! This is Matt.

Amrita Soon.


Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer.

Chris Bourge.

Ariff AB.


She brought on stage Shane Tan!


A smile and a wave.

Kaiyisha Zawawi.

Shane Tan, this time by himself, with Stevie Wonder – Superstition.

Faz on guitar.

For some reason I always thought it was a non-permanent henna tattoo; it’s been over 8 months now.

The Pinholes, the only featured act, from Singapore, playing a nice long 40 minute set of rock and roll, and a unique cover of Nirvana – Lithium.

Gotta love the swagger.

Gotta love the classic guitars – an Epiphone Dot ES-335 guitar!

Gotta love the classic bass – an Ibanez Jet King with the old Ibanez logo.

Gotta love the dance.

Gotta love the shoes.

Gotta love the shades.


The Esther Ann Band (or just Esther Ann?)

Gotta dig the getup.

Later open mikes would have her with more band members, hence my doubt in the band name.

She’s got a consistent look, dressing similiarly in later gigs. Branding; it works!

I didn’t catch this band’s name. They played an awesome cover of Daft Punk – Something About Us!

Well, they did play Daft Punk – Get Lucky, that overplayed song, after.

Didn’t catch this guy’s name. He had a lot of pedals, making soundscapes with a loop pedal.

Razlan Shah.

Herman Ramanado helps out on vocals.

Nigel Tay on guitar.

I’m not sure what band this is…

…but it has some members of Quirky Qwerty with their usual instruments.

Tiah Ridhwani. They performed a cover of Michael Jackson – Pretty Young Thing.



Sharon Chong and Melina William are happy.


…and guitar-playing friend.

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