Open Mic @ The Venue #8 – Hosted by Az Samad

20th May 2013: Open Mic @ The Venue #8 – Hosted by Az Samad! This is the first featured act, Bihzhu.

Contemplative Faz.

Tang Chun Cheuh, a fellow photo documentist of the scene.

Omar, a drummer.

Az Samad, the emcee and organizer, off stage in a observant pose.

Bling above.

The Vochale Project!

All-girl harmony septuplet.

Brendan Aloysius Adwien.

Bullet Murugan on kajon, djembe and cymbal! A fusion!

I like his hip hop style.

Josiah Tay.

Peter & Markiza Brown. Here’s Peter.


Peter, sporting a fresher hairstyle.

Su Fern (left) and Pin Pin (right).

A. Samad Said and wife.

Khaimano, second featured act! He played his classics like Eating Peaches, This Is So Hipster (a retooled This Is Black Metal, to fit with the times), Cannot Get It Up, and a cover of The Ramones – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend.

Bahir on bass.

Ariff Aris, stickman back then, drummer today.

Ayuni Wahab.

The T-shirt from This Year’s Final Threat, the Paul’s Place gig that got raided on New Year’s Eve (31st December 2005).

PinPin, Su Fern, Az Samad, A. Samad Said and his wife (clockwise from top-left).

Big & Small!

Krystal, a.k.a. Small.

Daryll, a.k.a. Big.

Ian, his brother.

They’d also gotten a drummer and guitarist, with Daryll shifting to bass.

Everybody get on up!


Aice with Matthew McKelson on guitar.

Big & Small flanking Nicole Foo Bihzhu and Khai!

Folk rocker Kien Lim.

Boy Castro did The Eagles – Hotel California, tweaked to become Hotel Puduraya.

Sulaiman Azhar, a stand-up comedian to end the night.

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