In The Club

So there I was, bumming around KLCC, waiting for my friend to call, as I had invites for the MTV Asia Awards 2005 nomination party at 7:30pm, Zouk.

She called at 8:30pm, just as I settled into an Osim iSqueez chair in Isetan. I walked out Mandarin Oriental side, turning left. It wasn’t till I saw *Orange that I realized that I was seriously off track. I ended up in Ampang Park, taking the LRT to Dang Wangi and walking past Saloma to Zouk.

By then it was 9pm, and a queue had formed; the table where one would present invites was closed. I bumped into the guy from Sony who gave me the accursed double pass; he couldn’t get me in. I called somebody who worked in another club; she came out of Zouk and couldn’t get me in either.

Fortunately, the winner (that’s a direct pun for those who know) came out and snuck me in. Two other guys were told that it was closed already, and they reached into their wallets. I kept quiet and got stamped. That was majorly cool.

Apparently the winner danced on stage, did the worm, and she won a trip to Bangkok to watch the MTV Asia Awards 2005! Of course, it was a single ticket; the other ticket would go to the guy who won with her. Yes, a complete stranger.

Sure, I missed all that, getting lost and all, but imagine if I didn’t… if I came on time, or if anything else was different, she might not have gotten the chance to get on stage and show her stuff!

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