Laggy Sagi

You are 80% Sagittarius

I don’t believe in astrology, but I am convinced that there is a certain individualistic, independent, free-spirited wackiness in Sagittarians. However, I do know of one Sagittarian who is so normal, so boring… The only thing that matches is that she is happy-go-lucky.

She must be lying about her birthdate. “Oh I know some cool people who are Sagittarians… I shall tell people I am one. If they check my identity card, I’ll say I was misled, complete with my blurrest expression!

December 19th (hint hint) is Sagittarian season, right?

0 thoughts on “Laggy Sagi

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    67% Virgo
    67% Aquarius
    60% Aries
    60% Pisces
    47& Taurus
    47% Libra
    33% Cancer
    27% Leo
    27% Gemini
    27% Capricorn
    20% Scorpio

    Wow. Amazing how this works.

  2. melinda Post author

    hey!!i din noe ur bday wuz on 19th! mine’s on the 18th!! YUP!! HINT HINT!! btw i’m 80% saggy too! tee hee! ciaoz!


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