Jenifer and I went to the Young KL Singers’ Beat It Sing It, and Tracy got us the best seats. Yes she did. Right behind her, so close we could see her sheet music and read who the composer was. 🙂


I went for the DiGi Youth Forum in the morning; Jason invited me. There, we spotted Instant Cafe Theatre celebrities. Funny thing is, one of the people I couldn’t recognize was my facilitator.

They gave us free DiGi SIM packs! Thanks to them, my sister can live a normal urbanite teenage life with her newly acquired number. (I already have a number, remember?)

Then there was this posh, free lunch at Senja. Sweet.

Still, I only had half as much fun as I should have; I left halfway through to head to KLCC for an unofficial Xfresh gathering. I am but too lazy to annotate details, and so, I leave your attention spans to gorge on these pictures:

They say a boy with gadgets will attract attention. I say this picture is cute.

She has a secret identity: Elastigirl.

For once, I managed to take a picture, without flash, but using the flash of some other camera! Such tricks require the best of skill… or luck. Notice that the other cameraman’s hand is dark, so it couldn’t be my flash.

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