Seasons Greetings

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. In response to people who say “I didn’t know you celebrate Christmas“, I say yes, I do sleep in church as any born Catholic would. At least I won’t be stealing tires.

Today’s format will be pictures and text. There might be a hint of chronological order.

What could be more limited edition than SyefriTM in a box?

I was in Ampang Park LRT when I saw this; a most fun way of donating. Coins would slowly spiral down the cone. What size coin will roll down the fastest?

How does a bus get towed? With an bigger tow truck, of course!

Saturday, December 18th, 2004

Shaz came, bearing gifts one week before Christmas. It was Bobby‘s Xfresh bloggers gathering.

Retro! I greatly prefer this to a scan radio (those where you have to press to scan upwards, and it has no indication what frequency you’re on…)

From left: Kirk, Jamie, Will and Suet Li.

Caught In The Flash

Once again, I managed to catch the flash off another camera, hence the weird lighting. From left: Shair Ein, Vi-Vien and Suet Li again.

Frus, Jamie and I took the bus from Midvalley to Central Market, then to Hang Tuah via the STAR LRT, and to Maharajalela via the monorail.

Drinks were not allowed in at Rock The World 5 at Stadium Merdeka, but thanks to my new bag (again, thanks to Shaz Claus), my 1 liter bottle hid calmly inside. I bumped into Karen. Her hair was a victim of smuggled alcohol.

The set list. Surprisingly, not too many changes.

During Rock The World 3 and 4, Mandarin Oriental hotel could be seen; this round, it was Mandarin Court hotel.

That Bentley blues meister shreds metal with The Hidden!

I didn’t take much pictures in the media area since my camera wasn’t up to it. Better pictures were taken with Nora‘s camera. Jenifer’s picture gallery also has some pretty ones.

It’s a bit sad, though, how Rock The World 5 ended with Disagree. Not that I disagree with them being there, but they just don’t have the cult status that Butterfingers (staple Rock The World show-enders) have.

But hey, Jason Lo said there were 20 thousand people, twice the amount of previous Rock The World concerts. Definitely better off than the Too Phat and Friends concert (or rather, One Phat!) which supposedly had a meagre turnout. For once, the rockers seem to have engulfed ebonic music (probably ten-fold).

In other unrelated developments, Ed and Bobby are now official proteges of mine… in solving the Rubik’s Cube. Ed even silicon-sprayed one of my rough un-original cubes (they lack springy feel.) When I first tried it, it was like changing from an SUV to a Mazda RX-8. (In Need For Speed: Underground 2, that is.) So smooth, with a tendency to oversteer.

I like Mozilla Firefox when coupled with the Mouse Gestures plugin. If only it didn’t crash so often.

I also like these Philips SBC HP200 headphones Will got me for my birthday/Christmas present. When maxed out in the Sound Blaster control panel, its bass distortion (if any) is actually pleasant! Yes, nobody in the office will be spared from its volume.

What would be a cool Christmas gift? A drumset.

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  1. lionel Post author

    i wasn’t there. but i heard people left as soon as disagree was up.

    who would you rather have close rtw then? well, nice stupid playground has the cult status. actually oag would’ve been fine too.


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