Hor Hor Hor

I read on MusicCanteen about a Christmas Eve gig in Plaza Mont Kiara at the office. Too bad then, that I had to meet up with family for church.

They picked me up at an LRT station, and we headed to the crowded roads near the church to park. My sister was sick, so the following conversation ensued:

Mom: Are you sure you’re up to going to church?
Sis: Yeah, I can still go…
Mom: (Looking at normally empty roads full of parked cars) Are you sure? You can’t be sick for Christmas!
Sis: Yeah, still can go…

We didn’t go in the end. Deep down, I knew my sister wanted to go for some innate reason. I didn’t say anything to influence the decision, so I was glad when my mom so happened to take the Hartamas route back home. I asked to be dropped off, and I strolled into McDonalds.

I bumped into the marketing dude of a big, big company. DJCS knows him. He asked what I was there for; I told him about MusicCanteen, gesturing to the soundcheck. He typed out an email on his laptop to various people, asking them to check out the site.

What a flukeful stroke of luck, if I should next see their logo there among the list of sponsors for an event. It would be somewhat thanks to me!

So there was Frequency Cannon, Edge Of Fire, Nitrus, TragicComedy (with cool Hendrix licks), One Buck Short (featuring Zack of Cosmic Funk Express), Flatline, Naked Breed, and…


Featuring Alda (the original bassist) on bass and Mooky (of One Buck Short) on vocals.

As if that wasn’t enough, Adam (of Dragon Red) took to vocals after that, for a furious Velocity.

Another surprise was Dragon Red; during Fade Away, Adam guided Amil down the stairs of the stage, where he did his solo in the moshpit.

It was then that Debbie and I realized he was a bit too far from his amplifier!

Righto. Wireless. The way it was revealed (with Amil walking far out) was major coolness.

As for those who worried about the rock quotient, well most bands didn’t even play Christmas songs, unless they were featured in MusicCanteen’s Christmas compilation.

And now, for something outside depressing chronological order.

I finally have something new for my Quotes page:
If you’re the only one left, you’re always right!

I went to The Curve in Mutiara Damansara. Scenic indeed it was, as this was a scene out of a mafia crimelord’s mansion:

Oh and Merry (belated) Christmas! Note the merged cube (an article describing how to do it yourself will come).

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