7th Day Of The 7th Month

7th July 2013: JUICE Revolver Sessions #1, at The Bee, Publika. A freestyle jam session where the first musician plays for 5 minutes. He/she is then joined by the next musician for 5 minutes, and then he/she leaves, replaced by the next musician, and so on. Fascinating concept!

This is Ben of JUICE, explaining how it works.

Fuad Alhabshi of Kyoto Protocol.

Eddy Lim of Diplomats Of Drums.

Sudarshan of Think! Tadpole Think!. Eddy was now on drums, a position I haven’t seen him in since Triple6Poser where Eddy was originally a drummer and Khai the vocalist. I still remember Eddy singing The Beatles while drumming.

Faliq of Pastel Lite (behind).

Irman Hilmi of KLPHQ.

I walked outside and bumped into colorful Petrina! Warna-warna banyak stim.

Phang of The Infernal Conundrum.

Farah Saad of Shh… Diam!.

Rezza, a soloist.

Ammar Khairi of Maharajah Commission.

Ahmad Ibrahim, a soloist.

Sharidir Syed, of Sharidir & Nizam P.

I then walked over to the TRIBUTE TO A LIVING LEGEND……ZAINAL RAMPA, at Braveheart, Publika, on the same evening!

David Mark.

Zainal Rampa, the original vocalist for the legendary Malaysian rock band, Search.

He had the original eBow! The original has one mode and a red light, while the new one that I have has an extra harmonic mode and a blue light.


Left to right: Vishnu of Ministry Of Blunk (MOB), Shane of MOB, J.J. Rian, and Alphonse Jerome.

A bigger group picture.

Alphonse Jerome and Zainal jam loosely based on the classics of rock.

Poe joins in!

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