I had a bit more time to fiddle with Transformers: Construct-Bots. This time, my objective was to merge just two figures into one, with modern articulation and all the robot parts used. In a way, like Star Saber and Victory Leo. There would be no crossover outside of the two figures involved, even though I had five figures.

View from the side and back. I like how limber the two figures from the Optimus Prime versus Megatron set combine to form.

He’s even double-jointed at the knees! I did not improve on arm articulation, though.

But wait, there’s more! On the right is Soundwave and Triple-Changer Blitzwing combined, with Triple-Changer Bumblebee in the middle to show scale.

The back. It’s a bit different, with Soundwave’s feet sticking to the wings on the shoulders.

He, too, can lift a heavy weapon (or, depending on orientation, a shield!)

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