The July Tabloid

6th July 2013: Tabloid Live at Circus!

This is a band full of top-class musicianship!

Sharon Chong dances and prances around the stage.

Jonah the suave.

These vocalists have swag.

Took me a long time to get this shot because of the tiny stage.

Faz is electric.

Melina is bassic.

Sharon then called up on stage, a special guest…

Yvonne Chong!

The sister of Sharon, and no lesser a vocal talent. Here she was doing a cover of Beyonce – Love On Top. We cheered with every upward key shift. Could she do it? Oh yes, and then she did it again, again and again.

Another guest vocalist.

I wish the other colors were projected on the stage. It was difficult to color-correct this set!

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