I felt like a schoolboy. Teehee!

I was doing my rounds of refilling my two 1 liter bottles (hard-to-find Spritzer Pops) in the office pantry. I stood there, waiting for one bottle to fill up, when this hot chick came in. I tried not to make it obvious that I was looking. My chance to get a clear visual, I thought, would be in between bottles.

She was directly to my left. 9 o’clock if you will. I turned left, but more like 8 o’clock left (so it would seem I was looking at the door instead of her!)

She smiled at me. A super sweet, and yet sincere smile.

Inside, I panicked. I did my sheepiest smile, shyly trying not to look at her. She was now my 1 o’clock. It was like she caught me. Like she knew my tactic.

As the other bottle filled, I walked near the door as if to get some air, and drinking from the first bottle. I walked back in to close the tap for the second bottle. Oh boy, confrontation again!

I did the same thing. Sheepish smile. She again smiled. Fwah. *flutters hands*

I then exited the pantry.

Now smiling at people waiting in the pantry is a common thing, like saying “here you go, it’s your turn.” To me, it was a corporate courtesy kind of thing, only done in the office. (We don’t smile at people behind us at the cashier, do we?) Balding uncles with glasses would smile at my female colleagues and I, and none of us would be offended. It would be, really, like giving a handshake with your face.

However, this was different. This was a sincere, uncorporate-gestureish smile! It wasn’t a courtesy smile, it was a “I caught you, how adorable” smile.

I wouldn’t have felt so schoolboy if I smiled at her confidently. Where would the fun be in that?

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