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I’ve added links after much justified procrastination. Here goes:

Bent Chopsticks
Thank you sir for faithfully reading my blog and reinstilling my Transformer collecting. (I’m sorry YK, you didn’t tell me to buy Arcee…) He is also gay.

Hey, I’m not ashamed to let people know I have gay friends. I could even brag that I know quite a few, trying to sound like some informed, sensitive new age guy. I even go to underground rock gigs at gay clubs. Yes, it’s that sad that noone is willing to let us rock. Unless you are Paul Meffert (Paul you rock!)

On a side tangent, why can’t lesbians be hot by guy standards? A gay guy can be well-groomed, and a girl would say, “Wow he’s hot. Too bad he’s gay.” A gay guy could also be a sissyus prancealotus (refer to above link for definition).

However, I’ve only seen lesbians of the short-haired variety. (And some say, short-fingernailed.) Tomboyish in nature. Guys don’t go, “Wow she’s hot. Too bad she’s lesbian.” I don’t know any hot lesbians. Then again, I don’t know many lesbians. I don’t even know what music lesbians listen to! (Pardon my generalization in saying Kylie Minogue is a gay icon, and that inclusion of her and similiar artistes in your playlist may indicate your leanings.)

And dammit, straight hot chicks can French kiss each other for drunken party fun and not disgust anybody.

And now, for the other links.

I haven’t read such an eloquent, witty storytelling camwhore in such a long time, fresh from the land of cheaper guitars, tobacco-less air and chewing-gum-less MRTs.

Dammit, why can’t she be a full-on camwhore as well?

This coke mix buddy said she could solve the cube.

She seems more adamant to learn the cube than anyone else. 🙂

Funny dude. Funny blog. From the land where metric and imperial measurements co-exist.

Funny dude. Funny blog. From the land where uh… luxury cars come from.

Excellent guitarist. Despite having four eyes, he captures things in monoscopic vision. 😉

He does drum solos, he sings hard rock, shirtless and tattooed, and he’s got balls-out writing.

And finally, for the music geek:
Alan W. Pollack’s musicological journey through the Beatles’ songs
I stole this link from Az. Turns out these dudes were musical geniuses hidden in pop songs with bridges. Yes, you read that right – bridges. Ever noticed how Beatles songs don’t have refrains/choruses, but have bridges instead?

6 thoughts on “Link *blink*

  1. chasyss Post author

    Is justified procrastination an oxymoron? You know I think there ARE hot lesbians around though I don’t know any. Well, a lot of girls go through lesbian phases so chances are there’s a hot one somewhere too. Have yet to find a cube…

  2. Tiara Post author

    It’s sad when having non-straight friends is a matter of possible embarassment.

    Trust me, there are hot people of every variable sexual orientation out there.

  3. Mystery Wolf Post author

    "And dammit, straight hot chicks can French kiss each other for drunken party fun and not disgust anybody"

    Why can’t guys do that?

    I’m not asking why, I’m wondering 🙂


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