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I bumped into the-one-annoyingly-eager-to-leave-Malaysia at the Blast Off. Later, outside, I heard some Indians saying how f***ed up the sound was. Suddenly, a crusty-voiced Indian exclaimed, “it was damn f***ed up!” That distinctive voice could only be my celebrity “because-I’m-Indian” buddy, Jayaram. There, he’s finally mentioned in my blog. 🙂


I met up Ed and YK at Bintang Walk. YK acquired 5 big Transformers that day. I acquired this:

Reduced Size Multimedia Card my a**. On the left was my new 512MB RS-MMC card; on the right, my old 128MB xD Picture card. The xD was only slightly bigger!

I then headed to The Disco for the gig I promoted earlier.

No, I was not stabbed by any protuding objects here. The Disco has a very nice setting, with a huge window light letting the sun light the stage naturally.

I met Jayaram again; this time, as usual, he was a HELP-ful emcee. Picture has been double-sized to make up for his lack of blog appearances despite the times we had bumped into each other.

Nightshift was an enjoyable old-school thrash metal band. Every old-school thrash metal band should do a Metallica cover and this was no exception, doing For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Brainhead was next with some alternative rock, and their alternative take on Incubus – Drive.

Insulyna gave us crunchy grunge, and a light growly take on Cranberries – Zombie.

Indka from Kuching featured Alex, the drummer from SingleTrackMind and Soft Touch. I wasn’t sure if it was progressive rock.

Zero Gravity threw in Deftones‘ tones, and the energy of KoRn helped with my enjoyment. I particularly the band’s showmanship, especially the bassist’s style.

Ziel played hard rock. Can someone else agree with me when I say the vocalist/guitarist would look like Brandon Boyd, with dreadlocks on?

Republic Of Brickfields played reggae, with a few Bob Marley covers. Peter Hassan Brown (if you’re as underground as you say you are, you’d know the man) was skanking to it, legs kicking the air! Never have I seen so much energy in that rocking (grand?)father. Yes, the metal-lish guitars looked misplaced; were some of them from Koffin Kanser? (I know Aru the vocalist is…)

I recorded videos for most of the bands (512MB maaan, I’m invincible) so ask me on MSN if you want them.

I stayed back to be a roadie. 🙂 We then went to Stadium Merdeka to drop off the snake cables (a giant power extension cord).

Aiyah, nothing to see. Jay Chou ciao already. (It was that night!)

Ever craved Chinese food after converting to Islam? Tupai Tupai serves the bestest lemon chicken and halal versions of Chinese food. It even has big round tables and servings done Chinese style, but with (get this) leather tablecloths. The outside of the wooden-plank-raised place was the woods, where we assume squirrels live.

Friend: Why do they call it Tupai Tupai? Do they serve squirrels here?
Me: Yeah, I’m sure that squirrels could eat the food off the table as they like.

I felt a sense of pride, knowing that Alda and I would carry on the corny humor of Az.

On the way back, a bunch of us rode in the back of a Mitsubishi Storm. *cue Jim Morrison whispering “Riders Of The Storm“* With that, I can now change my Friendster picture to something that attracts less gay guys and girls with headscarves.

Oh, and to mark, who posted a comment in Santa Was A Telekom Engineer:

The PPPoA option is available in the setup program on the CD. I’m not sure if the option is available when you Telnet your router.

9 thoughts on “Rock News

  1. YK Post author

    It was 4 actually. I din buy anymore after that. DC tutup =(. Yes I m kinda destructive in spending after years of saving up my scholarship money. Grimlock is easy to transform btw.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    I thought you got:
    Nemesis Prime
    Optimus Prime

    This was before you found Diamond Comics.

  3. Mystery Wolf Post author

    yeah but i thought that was a one time thing, and he didn’t admit liking you anyway, he just wanted to add you. Well… that’s all I know of your gay life anyway. I mean your life with gay people. I mean… argh there’s just no way to put it without sounding like you’re… ah nevermind.


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