Far Knee

An addition to Saturday 5th March’s blog:

I was bumming around alone most of Saturday, walking aimlessly in Bintang Walk. Fate it was that I didn’t hop on the bus that would take me home; instead, I bought guitar strings and stared at my shredding shredder friend/Bentley guitar salesman. I then went to Lot 10 where I saw a new OSIM massage chair complete with lower arm massage, like it was a blood pressure machine or something!

One 15-minute round of freeloading wasn’t enough, so I hit the button for another. Thank goodness I took such a leisurely pace, that my German-Indian drinking machine friend called me up, offering a free ticket for The Actorlympics!

(Her name has been withheld lest you know her and think you deserve the ticket more than I do.)

I didn’t get to have dinner with my friend as intended, so I gobbled a McValue Meal quick, and as I walked towards The Actor’s Studio I bumped into DJCS… who had two free tickets.

It was good. Like Whose Line Is It Anyway?, but by the Instant Cafe Theatre. Afdlin Shauki was bad at accents though, and his George Bush impersonation didn’t sound Texan nor stupid, but he had classic Ah-Ha moments. Gavin, I felt, wasn’t as quick with his wit, but when he was, it shone and reminded me why I’d watch Sketches regularly. The best bits had to be the ambiguously homosexual tendencies of the troupe and their sense of humor about it. Yes some gay dudes can be darned quick-witted.

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